Our Story

During years of national and international travel in a past corporate life, we experienced the joy and excitement of seeing the UW logo in the least likely of places. It happened over and over again, and the conversations were always full of knowing smiles and beaming pride over our mutual connection of Wisconsin. Those interactions are what inspired the creation of Madisonian Apparel.

Rooted in and inspired by the the Midwest Spirit we strive to curate and design products that are modern, classic, bold and most importantly focused on celebrating everything there is to love about the Midwest, Wisconsin and Madison. 

Hand Crafted

We produce 90% of Madisonian products in-house. From the graphic design process to pulling the squeegee down the screen we see the creative and production process through from start to finish. 

Madisonian Live Events

In 2019 we took our brand experience from the computer screen to live events. It was fantastic to meet fans of the brand and to be able to showcase our products at several local events and markets.

In 2020 our event list has more than doubled as we plan to take our show on the road and activate at more regional events. 

We look forward to having a chance to connect with you. Please stop by and say HI if you're able to make one of the events from the list below.

Event List