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      I'm a Madisonian #0007


      Director of Social Media Strategy |
      designCraft Advertising
      Freelance Writer | Isthmus / Madison Essentials Magazine
      Madison, WI


      I moved to Madison in October 2014, but my story begins near Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I grew up. I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in journalism and have since lived/worked in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Las Vegas. When I rekindled my romance with my boyfriend who was living in Madison, I decided to make the move here. I had only been to Madison a few times before – to catch some Badger volleyball games when I was in high school and when I was very young for Midwest Horse Shows with my family. 

      As soon as I moved here I knew this city was for me. It's unlike any other city in Wisconsin. There's a creative energy and passion for social justice in Madison that is vocal through it's inhabitants. Walking the isthmus near Lake Mendota or Lake Monona can be therapeutic. Biking the trails let's you explore the city from a new view. There's just so much to love! Portland is probably my second favorite city in the world, and Madison shares that love for entrepreneurism and craft beer and coffee and human rights and environmentalism and exploration and great coffee that I think Portland does. Madison means amazing nights with amazing people. Madison means SUPing on Monona Bay and breathing in life. Madison means a brighter future. Madison means home.

      Favorite Restaurant: While Thai is my favorite type of food, my favorite spot to eat in Madison is Alchemy. Their Grilled Vegetable Coconut Curry is delish, and I'm obsessed with their BLFT.

      Favorite Bar: Lately it's been the Ohio Tavern. They have a great beer selection in a cozy atmosphere, and it helps they have some of the best tacos in town. But on any given day, you could also find me at Karben4 or Barley Pop Tap and Shop.

      Favorite Coffee Spot: I'm in love with coffee – the smell, the way it makes me feel ever so cozy and ready to take on the world. I'm all about supporting local coffee roasters. My favorite spots to do that are at Lakeside Street Coffee House, Ground Zero with a cup of their Atomic roast, Johnson Street Public House with a cup of Kin-Kin, True Coffee Roasters and anywhere that serves Just Coffee roasts. Did I say I love coffee?

      Secret Madison Spot: If I want to have a good time and jam to some live (and a lot of the time local) music, I know I can do that at High Noon Saloon. I can go there and get lost in the music, discovering some new bands every time I go. They do such a great job of bringing in a wide variety of music, great beers, and sometimes they even have some Salvatore's Tomato Pies (yes, please). And their FRZN Fest is one of my favorite weekends of the year.


      I'm A Madisonian #0006





      Made in Germany with Madison, WI parts.  Growing up overseas in an Air Force family, Madison was always my Dad's town until he completed his service in 1993 and we moved to the area I fell in love with, Madison WI. I married a Madison girl and even helped to build the city, working several large construction projects over the years. Although we have moved away we try to make it back as much as possible for boating, events around the square, football games and of course our family and friends. We live in Chicagoland but are forever from Madison WI. 

      Favorite Restaurant: Depends on how I'm feeling, Great Dane for Prime Rib and a Pilsner or Vintage for chicken and waffles and a bock.

      Favorite Bar: Paul's Club

      Favorite Coffee Spot: Barriques

      Secret Madison Spot: Sitting atop a 200 foot tower crane watching the sun rise and set over the isthmus.

      I'm A Madisonian #0005



      Business Coach | CMG
      Seattle, WA


      Growing up in Madison meant regular trips through the farmers market on the square, or live music and a beer at the union terrace (perhaps never fully appreciating it)! These days Madison is all about reconnecting with family and friends. Every trip home is an astonishing mix of new experiences and that walk down memory lane. I may live in Seattle, but I've been a Madisonian my whole life.

      Favorite Restaurant: Tornado Steakhouse - late night menu.

      Favorite Bar: Tip Top Tavern

      Favorite Coffee Spot: Cottage Cafe

      Secret Madison Spot: Conscious Carnivore for the smoked polish kielbasa.

      I'm A Madisonian #0004



      Bassist | Orangutan Trade Salesmen
      Production Budgeting/Accounting | Netflix
      Los Angeles, CA


      Having grown up on the north side of Madison, the city has held a lot of different meanings. From Lake View Elementary to UW, I took it all for granted until I left. Although I have lived in Los Angeles for the last 10 years, Madison is still home. Whether in the middle of summer or in the dead of winter, there are few places that bring me more excitement than making a trip back. Now, Madison-time means family-time. Most of it is spent visiting those I never see enough throughout the year, while revisiting all the old favorite locations and discovering new spots as it becomes painfully obvious how quickly “home” is growing without me.

      Favorite Restaurant: The classics: Smoky Jon’s - No. 1 BBQ, for the BBQ. New Orleans Take-Out for the Po-Boys, and Culver’s for the Double Deluxe with the works, no onions! Cheese curds instead of fries.

      Favorite Bar: Genna’s Cocktail Lounge

      Favorite Coffee Spot: Manna Cafe & Bakery

      Secret Madison Spot: The drive from the beltline toward downtown on John Nolan Drive is my favorite view of the city. Every time I’m back, I try to make that drive.

      I'm A Madisonian #0003



      On-Premise Manager, Wisconsin | Red Bull
      Madison, WI


      Madison meant a temporary home. Being born and raised in MN, I refused to allow myself to get comfortable here, I've had my eyes on Chicago for some time now but over the last year, I've simply fallen' in love with living on the Isthmus. My close friends and I created a "bike gang" over the summer and every week I looked forward to trying a new restaurant in a new part of town via bicycle. Everything here is so accessible, we could easily rent a paddle board, play a game of catch in the park or find a rooftop pool to work beside without worrying about a line or a crowd. In the winter, there is nothing that compares to walking down state street in a snow storm under the pretty lights, with the capitol glowing in the background, or bundling up to grab dinner and a badger basketball game.

      Favorite Restaurant: Right now my favorite restaurant for dinner is Tavernakaya, but I have a soft spot in my heart for brunch and my go to spot is Basset Street Brunch Club.

      Favorite Coffee Spot: I don't drink coffee often because I prefer Red Bull for my daily supply of caffeine, but the Magic Coffee from Graze on a Saturday morning farmers market stroll is always a good decision. I think I've changed a fair amount of my friends lives having introduced them to that.

      Secret Madison Spot: CYC fitness and Kamps Fit are two of my favorites right now.