I'm A Madisonian #0002

I'm A Madisonian #0002


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The funny thing is that I never ever thought I would end up in Madison, as I was raised in a small town in Northern Wisconsin and had dreams to go to the East Coast. My dad actually tried and tried to talk me into moving here instead of heading to North Carolina and I refused constantly because I didn't know much about the city. Fast forward 4 years and when I decided to move back to the Midwest we decided to make Madison our home. Funny thing is that I was actually born here (back when most of the city was still the countryside) and have family here that I've only met a few times. So, although we haven't 'lived' here long, it still feels like home and where I'm supposed to be.

Favorite Restaurant: Dlux (can't be those bottomless mimosas for breakfast)

Favorite Bar: Julep (that courtyard though... :)

Favorite Coffee Spot: Bradburys (good dirty chai)

Secret Madison Spot: Revel (a girls bestfriend ;)